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Dear Colleagues,

HCE (Host Card Emulation) along with Tokenization has gathered tremendous pace. In 2016 an estimated 180 banks have been reported to have gone with HCE based mobile payments approach. Experts believe that HCE has become a game changer as it has given a fresh momentum to not only NFC mobile payments, but also to HCE based mobile ticketing, which was earlier hampered due to lack of Interoperability, complex Ecosystem and higher costs.

In 2014 we identified this growing interest in HCE and it launched world’s first HCE Summit. It has successfully gathered HCE pioneers and key stakeholders who have are driving this new momentum.

In 2016, we added ‘Tokenization’ to the main conference theme (when we organised it Amsterdam). Now in 2017 since ‘Tokenization’ has gained equal significance in today’s payments ecosystem we have separated two events to have more focused discussions.

HCE Summit is world’s only focused conference on this key subject and has been successfully held in Europe as well as in the USA. Each year – we gather some of leading Banks, Regulators, Standard bodies, and some leading Fintechs to share latest insights and best practices. This summit offers good opportunity for vendors to not just associate your brand name with the “HCE” sector, but also to project themselves as Industry front-runners and pioneers which are shaping the future of mobile-payments and mobile-ticketing.

Come and join this to keep up with this growing momentum.