Enabling Secure & Simplified NFC Services Implementation

2016 Agenda

HCE & Tokenization Summit, Amsterdam
25th November 2016

8:30 am Registration & Coffee
9:00 am Chair’s opening note
– Dave Birch | Global Ambassador Founding Director | Consult Hyperion
Session 1
9:10 am Power Hour – Experts Panel Discussion
Current State of play – Acceleration in NFC Adoption, Tokenization, OEM Pay
Has HCE broken the once monopoly of Secure Element?
What are the security implications of HCE solution?
High-value open-loop payment or Low-value closed-loop payment.
HCE Integration specifications and compatibility requirements?
Standardized tokenization mechanism for online and mobile payments
What HCE needs to fully deliver on its potential as a mobile catalyst
Building a future proof platform – mobile payments strategu options available for banks while taking onto account the evaluation of Blockchain and IoT
Google’ Android Pay – is Europe ready?
– Alexander Rensink | Vice Chairman of the Board | NFC Forum
– Gareth Winfield | Digital Consumer Payments | Barclaycard
– Carme Fabregas  | CTO | ATM Barcelona (Transport Authority)
– Michel Drupsteen | Head of Mobile Payments | ING Bank
– Dave Birch Global | Ambassador – Founding Director | Consult Hyperion
10:10 Keynote from the NFC Forum – Industry overview
Synopsis: This keynote address will provide an overview of NFC growth and the latest market developments of various forms of NFC-enabled payment including HCE.  Examples of “HCE in Action” for the payments and public transport markets will also be shared.
– Alexander Rensink | Vice Chairman of the Board | NFC Forum
10:30 Simplifying mobile payments by service aggregation across schemes and technologies
• Mobile Payment Drivers
• Issuer options and considerations for mobile payment
• International payment networks’ contributions to mobile payments  – roles, interfaces and terminology
• Simplifying mobile payments by service aggregation across schemes and technologies
– Tapio Vailahti | Regional Head Global Solution Sales | Giesecke & Devrient
10:50 Mobile payments, a global game that just started
Synopsis: With the growth of new digital ecosystems in which ING’s customers are living their lives, there is a growing need to support ING’s customers with payments and other services in these ecosystems. As mobile is (becoming) the preferred platform of our customers mobile payments is a core feature. And with ING’s presence in multiple retail markets and its objective to increase the pace of innovation, mobile payments must be developed in a converged and standardized way.
– Michel Drupsteen | Head of Mobile Payments | ING Bank
11:10 Coffee Break
Session 2
11:30 Banco Sabadell, a mid-sized bank the forefront in mobile payments
• HCE: First Mover versus Fast Follower
• Get your feed on the ground and start walking
• Roll out of your mobile payments app: you need fans
• The balance of optimizing core functionality and adding and new services
– Joris Elzinga | Strategy & Commercial Development Payments | Banco Sabadell
11:50  HCE enabled CaixaBank Pay and what’s coming next
• CaixaBank and its mobile payments initiatives
• Our positioning on OEM Pay and HCE
• Our Vision and what the future holds
– Nacho Nieto | Mobile Project Manager | CaixaBank
12:10 ABN AMRO’s Search for right Mobile Payments solution
This presentation will share an Insider view on choosing the right technical solution (SE vs HCE) and subsequently building a successful customer-oriented Wallet on that basis. Learn latest customer insights from the launch of our ABN AMRO Wallet, and important lessons we have gathered along the way, and also touch upon our 100% Agile delivery framework.
– Jos van de Kerkhof Sr. Product Manager Mobile Payments | ABN AMRO Bank
12:30  Lunch
Session 3
Which is best option –  HCE or OEM Pay ?
• Who has an edge when it comes to mobile payments – OEMs or Banks ?
• Is it worth investing in HCE powered “Bank Pay” ? why?
• Is it logical for banks to support both OEM Pay and their own “Bank Pay”
– John van der Heyden Innovation & Payments Development| BNP Paribas Fortis
– Nacho Nieto | Mobile Project Manager| CaixaBank (Spain)
– Nicolas Benady Co-founder Antelop payments (France)
– Nigel Reavley | Head of Financial Services Europe | FIME
– Dave Birch Global Ambassador Founding Director Consult Hyperion
02:00 Payment Innovations with converged wallets
• History – form coins to converged payments
• Evolution of mobile and online payments
• Convergence of payments (HCE, Tokenization and Masterpass)
• Case study
– Maris Cakste | Director of Sales | MeaWallet
02:20 Barclaycard; HCE and other contactless payment innovations
• Innovation and Barclaycard – our journey so far
• Why do we continue to invest
• Where might this take us in the future
– Gareth Winfield | Digital Consumer Payments | Barclaycard
02:40 CSOB’s pionerring HCE enabled NFC Wallet
• CSOB Mobile Wallet: key pillar of our beyond-banking strategy
• The main challenges to deliver it
• Innovation requires new ways of communication
• What would be the future?
– Jan Nezbeda | Innovation Manager | CSOB
03:00 The switch to a collaborative model in banking, applied to payments
•Synopsis: In this presentation John will talk about the switch in the banks mindsets from “everything built in house” to “collaboration with fintechs” that’s ongoing and how it applies to payments too.
– John van der Heyden | Innovation & Payments Development| BNP Paribas Fortis
03:20 Transport sector needs an interoperable, comprehensive, robust HCE solution
• Unprecedented transport sector change out of the digital transformation of nowadays
• Transport specific landscape entitled to join forces to tackle an interoperable, comprehensive and robust HCE solution
• HCE to foster mobile soaring in the delivery of demand responsive transport
• HCE will leverage our current projects to prepare for Mobility as a Service
– Carme Fabregas CTO | ATM  Barcelona
03:40 Coffee-break
Session 4
04:00 An overview on PCI Tokenization and P2PE in order to secure cardholder data
• Protect cardholder data throughout the transaction cycle
• PCI Point-to-Point Encryption standard
• PCI Tokenization Product Security Guidelines
• Tokenization – Options
• EMV Tokenisation Standard and PCI Tokenisation Best Practices
• How It All Fits Together
• Fraud menace? How Breaches can be Prevented?
– Jeremy King | International Director | PCI Security Standards Council
04:30 Harnessing Tokenization concept
Synopsis – Tokenization can take several forms: NFC tokens are the most famous, but we also envisage tokens for other usages like mobile QR codes, pre paid services for IOT and reload services, etc. HCE is currently mainly used for payments and primarily by card schemes. Other uses will emerge outside of the card schemes including value added services such as loyalty.
Antoine Larmanjat | Founder | Payconiq ( ING + KBC )
04:50 Chair’s closing remarks
05:10 End of conference