Enabling Secure & Simplified NFC Services Implementation

2017 Agenda

1st December 2017 Brussels

8:45 am Registrations and morning coffee
9:00 am Conference Chair’s Opening Remarks
– Conference Chairperson – Samee Zafar | Director | Edgar, Dunn & Company
Session 1
9:10 am Opening Power-Hour- Panel Session
Current State of mobile payments adoptions
Latest HCE deployments/ pilots in Belgium, France, Poland, Netherlands
How the HCE solution fits into the overall mobile payments strategy?
HCE integration into existing mobile banking apps – what are the challenges?
Main issuer wallets strategy? which impacts for issuers?
Launching HCE & OEM Pays as a complementary mobile payment approach: iTSP unified platform from CMS to Token MS?
Does HCE represent a fundamental security paradigm shift?
Security implications – why is Tokenization is so important?
How to launch issuer wallets in a co-badged domestic market?
Building a future-proof platform – mobile payments strategy options
Utilizing VTS /MDES for issuer wallets, why have some built their own TSPs?
– Michel Drupsteen | Head of Mobile Payments (Netherlands) | ING Group
– Timothee Gruner | Head of Business Development | Antelop Solutions
– Kashmera Self | Director, Mobile Product Platform | Interac
– Veronika Colucci | Director, Product Development and Innovation | MasterCard
– Samee Zafar | Director | EDC (Moderator)
10:10 am Belfius leader in mobile banking: the launch of our own HCE solution
Belfius Bank rolled out Belgium’s first HCE mobile payments on 15th June 2017. Hear about their journey from planning, piloting to actual implementation and latest update on its successful rollout, customer’s response and lessons.
Florent Istace | Head of Payments Product Management | Belfius Bank
10:35 am Mobile payments, looking for the movers and shakers
With the growth of new digital ecosystems in which ING’s customers are living their lives, there is a growing need to support ING’s customers with payments and other services in these ecosystems. As mobile is (becoming) the preferred platform of our customers mobile payments is a core feature. And with ING’s presence in multiple retail markets and its objective to increase the pace of innovation, mobile payments must be developed in a converged and standardized way.
o ING’s global (mobile payments) profile and activities
o Understanding our environment of changing regulation and technology
o Mobile payment learnings from our markets
o Our way forward
Michel Drupsteen | Head of Mobile Payments | ING Group (Netherlands)
10:55 am The Paradigm shift from card on file to token on file
Kashmera is responsible for the Token Service Provider (TSP), the platform for secure digital debit payments in Canada. She helped drive the delivery of INTERAC Debit on Apple Pay, Android Pay, and bank wallets, currently utilized by all of Canada’s major banks. She will speak about the paradigm shift from card on file to token on file, as well as what this means for businesses?
Kashmera Self | Director, Mobile Product Platform | Interac (Canada)
11:20 am Networking & Coffee Break
Session 2
11:40am The challenges of building your own HCE solution
Barclaycard was the first UK financial service provider to launch an HCE solution in November 2015. I’ll describe the challenges faced by Barclaycard in creation of their Barclays contactless mobile solution.
Matthew Barker | Senior Consultant | Consult Hyperion (UK)
12:00 pm How to leverage the mobile apps to overcome barriers of mobile banking
(MeaWallet is part of Seamless Distribution. The Mea Token Platform provides a single API-based
connection to network token service providers (such as MDES from MasterCard and VTS from
Visa), and an easy-to implement mobile SDK. MasterCard has certified the MeaWallet product
suite to gold level, a certification level only awarded to fifteen other companies world-wide)
– Overcoming barriers of mobile banking
– Payment as an enabler of customer experience
– Seqr: how positive can be an open loop
Rui Patraquim | Director | MeaWallet (Portugal)
12:20 pm Rabobank’s mobile payments journey towards HCE.
For the past 6 years Rabobank has tried various mobile payments solutions:
NFC stickers, Samsung embedded secure element, UICC sim-cards, HCE.
• What challenges have they encountered during their journey?
• What are the lessons learned? What are the next steps?
Greg Teunissen | Project Manager Mobile Payments | Rabobank (Netherlands)
12:40 pm Recent Evolutions in the the Original HCE CONCEPT & TECHNOLOGY.
• Describe the evolution of the HCE-Cloud original paradigm
• Present a taxonomy of HCE-Cloud implementation models
• Provide insight into the security challenges
• Introduce upcoming HCE-Cloud standardization work in the Europe
• Cards Stakeholders Group (SEPA for Cards)
Lorenzo Gaston | Technical Director | Smart Payment Association (France)
01:00 pm Networking Lunch Break
Session 3
02:00 pm Digital transactions with right balance between convenience
Trends have demonstrated an ever-increasing number of connected devices. Each connected device is aiming to be a purchase device. Connections are also exploding. The expansion of connections and connected devices will lead to an important increase of digital transactions in the coming years. Consequently, consumers are increasingly mixing online and offline payments. New payment solutions are popping up in answer to this trend. They are proposed either by merchants, digitals players or issuers. Issuers are best placed to serve customers. Indeed, banks are already providing digital services to their cardholders (mobile banking applications). Cardholders prefer to contract these services via their bank. Nevertheless, digital payment solutions will be successful if they succeed to reach the right balance between convenience (frictionless) and security.
Veronika Colucci | Director, Product Development and Innovation | MasterCard
02:20 pm Expert Panel : Tokenization
• What tokenization platform can offer banks & costumers in connected world.
• How Banks can leverage tokenization in creating a foundation for addressing
security concerns in mobile payments?
• What is really driving Tokenization? Does it offer a complete security?
• What are the stakeholder Implementation considerations for tokenization?
• How do Interoperable standards based Tokenization approach could help?
• Token Provisioning in a SE approach Vs Token Provisioning in HCE approach
– Yvonne de Warrimont-Duits | Product Owner Payments | ABN AMRO
– Lorenzo Gaston | Technical Director | Smart Payment Association
– Robert Wessels | Global Technical Sales Manager | Rambus
– Samee Zafar | Director | EDC (Moderator)
02:55 pm Standardized On-Device NFC Technology for Multiple Contactless Services
• Insight into how the specification provides a consistent approach, suitable
for the mass market to the deployment and lifecycle management of NFC
services to ensure service delivery is not compromised by the external device
• An overview of how to simplify the end-user experience when selecting NFC
services for entities such as mobile wallet providers.
• An explanation of how the uniformity provided by the specification not only
benefits service providers, but also ensures that consumers can activate NFC
services as and when they need to.
• Details on GlobalPlatform’s collaboration with ETSI and the NFC Forum.
Olivier Van Nieuwenhuyze | Board member | GlobalPlatform (UK)
03:20 pm HCE & Cloud-Based Tokenization with the CIPURSE Specification
• HCE and transport – a perfect match?
• Benefits of open standards?
• OSPT Alliance and HCE
• Different ways to implement HCE
• HCE & ticketing can drive the use of mobile services
• HCE CIPURSE tokenization
• Solution Combining CIPURSE™ and Tokenization.

– Richard Moore | Member Representative | OSPT Alliance

03:45 pm Closing remarks by Conference Chair
04:00 pm Samee Zafar | Director | Edgar, Dunn & Company